Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Princess

Sorry I did not get to post on Friday - I know my 10 or so readers were very disappointed :)...Seriously - it was a busy day, as was the whole weekend, but loads of fun. We decided to do a little blessing for our babe here in two weeks so there is lots on our to-do list, but isn't that one of the great things about hosting things at your house - that it forces you to get certain things done that you've been needing to for awhile?! But before we could move on to the blessing list, we had a family birthday party on Saturday for my Dad and our niece, which meant a good deal of baking and handmade present making. Think I'll divide it up into a couple different posts for this week to ensure they're not too long.

For our niece's present we decided to try our hand at some freezer paper stenciling, so got a couple of ribbed tanks from a local kid's resale store (fyi - ribbed material isn't the easiest to paint), ordered some supplies from Dharma, and away we went. My Love designed some cool stencils and we were pleased with how they turned out (went ahead and did two tees for our nephew's upcoming b-day as well). I especially love the above tree stencil he made!

Pretty sure we thought they were much cooler than our niece did, but she's five and really wanted to get back in the pool after she saw them, so we understood. Wish we had gone ahead and done a couple for ourselves and Lovebug too...someday soon (after the blessing:). Anyway, the fabric painting was quite fun!

A little birdie told me the birthday girl wanted a pink cake with a princess on top, so I made a vegan strawberry cake with strawberry icing from the Whole Foods recipe section, but used only whole wheat flour and it turned out really well, exept my icing melted a bit during the drive.

The "princess" was a clothespin doll I enjoyed making...used jute for the arms and embroidery floss for her hair, which didn't turn out exactly as I had wanted. My intention was to do a cute bob with bangs to mirror the birthday girl, but it somehow became something else during the creative process. The dress was my favorite part to make though! I am so excited about the new season of Project Runway which I thought could be downloaded from AOL Video like Top Chef was, as we no longer have any TV (which we're really enjoying by the way), but I haven't been able to find the Season 5 premiere yet :(...But anyhoo, that's what I kept thinking about while making the dress - PR - and what would Tim say about it?! :) Have a feeling he would say that it isn't flattering to her waistline, which I would have to agree with.

More birthday creations to come - Happy Monday!!!


Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

oh so cute! I love the tee's. Could you send me a little more info on how you made them.
Have a good one...
Bravo to you for having no t.v.
As you see in my post, we still do

Jade said...

No TV??? You are brave. But I applaud you! :)

Love that little princess. I would LOVE a tutorial as I have a little princess that has requested such a cake!

Amy Chionis said...

Ha, as one of your ten readers, I say, yahoo on the freezer paper. Do you think it would work with cooking parchment? I've been wanting to try it...

Thimbleina said...

Great t-shirts and vests. The peg doll and cake look gorgeous. Can't wait to see other handmade presents.

Angela Harris said...

Absolutely adorable! I want to get rid of the Tv but it will NEVER happen with my husband. Your lucky your husband is on board. Love the stencils and the new hankie holder too. You should really make an extra of everything you're making and send it to the new Greencraft magazine Stampington and Jenny Doh are starting in 2009. I put the link on my last post. I woukd definately nominate your blog to be published in GreenCraft.