Friday, August 22, 2008

Recycling while traveling

It can be done! Many of you might already do it actually, which is wonderful! Sometimes it's not the easiest thing to do and most of the time it takes some planning, but it can be done. Prior to our trips over the last couple of years we have called ahead and found out about recycling where we're staying (if there is any) or googled it and have been able to plan things accordingly.

We mostly drive when we travel and thus bring 1-2 of our city recycling containers (but a plastic bag, container, or whatever would work as well) and collect the whole group's recycling for the trip. Then have either found a location locally to where we're staying where we can drop it off, but if not, have strapped it to the back of the car and headed home with it. When we have air traveled, such as to Mexico, we will partake of the bottled water (we always use our Klean Kanteens but not in Mexico ya know:) and adult beverages, so we'll bring a little plastic bag for any cans/bottles and fly home with them in our checked bag - they take up hardly any room once crushed.

The pic is from our Hill Country trip we took in the spring - you can see our recycling container on the left side strapped down. I know that's not an option for some people with a small car, but maybe it could be strapped to the top or put inside the trunk, which then maybe a plastic bag would work better...different things will work best for different people.

Obviously, the ideal thing is to have the least amount of recycling possible (well, least amount of trash first, but you get what I'm saying) and to use non-disposables, but traveling often changes things up and sometimes requires that you use more disposable things than normal. The really ideal thing would be that you're staying somewhere that has recycling or recycles on their own - gosh wouldn't that be so incredible if every place was like that?! Some day, some day...

As always, something to think about. Probably alot of people see vacations/trips as their "break" from such green acts, but it's not in my blood...I just can't do it. I've tried, but I can't. So anyway, maybe next time you head for a trip call ahead and ask about recycling or google it on'll feel better - or at least I do :)!

Have a lovely weekend!


denice said...

Recycle and re-use is habits for us, on the road or not. Re-filling water bottles and making our own road-trip food (SO much less packaging than pre-prepared snacks - not to mention nutrition differences) is our norm. Welcome back - your vacation photos are lovely!

Love Squalor said...

thank you for this. i tend to be one of those people that thinks that a vacation means different rules. i hate to admit it, but i have never even thought about recycling on vacation. but you are so right. from now on we will work on this.