Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged Twice

I was tagged twice last week, so let's have some fun, shall we?

This is the 4th shot from the 4th picture folder on my computer, and I didn't crop or edit it in any way. It's a reject from the shots I took for this spring post last year. Looks pretty, doesn't it? I cannot wait to start seeing this again...

The next tag is called "Honestly Honest" and I'm supposed to share "10 honest things about me you possibly do not know"...Ok, here it goes...

1.) I'm one of 7 children and have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and all of our names start with a "J". We're all uniquely different but somehow fit together. We're pretty crazy and would make one entertaining reality series if you ask me!

2.) Speaking of names, my Love and I have had ALL of our baby names picked out since we were in for about 7 years now. One night we were sitting around talking about our future together and we picked our names out! We sometimes still go back and forth on middle names but the first names we have, unless God blesses us with all of one gender! :)

3.) Our nest is "vegan" but we do eat fish a couple of times a year that we catch and plan on doing so more this coming year. I KNOW, that's not even vegetarian!!! But we love fish very much (and fishing) and are not supporting factory farming or environmental degradation by eating them occasionally in our home. It's something I have struggled with and thought alot about, but we don't buy fish from a supermarket or eat the types of fish that are unhealthy or disappearing. ALSO, we are going to start getting organic free-range eggs from a local source here soon and eat them once a week on Sundays, as well as add fish oil back to our diet. Also something I've struggled with, but with alot of thought and research I feel it's what my body needs at this child-bearing/breastfeeding time in my life. Apparently, the name is "pescetarian" for someone who eats fish but doesn't eat any other meat, but whatever, as we still eat out, bake, and cook 99.5% of the time "vegan". Labels really aren't important though! In the end, our goal is to constantly become healthier and if that means eating some fish we catch or organic free-range eggs, then so be it.

4.) I'm famous...OH YES the early age of 10 I had already walked the runway for Espirit (anyone remember them - they were cool!) and been in a YMCA commercial (oh YES)!!! AND it gets even college, I was interviewed for the local news. ALSO in college, I performed on a gorgeous Renaissance stage in Italy for one night/one show! Are you impressed? :)

5.) Speaking of college, my blood is not red, it's maroon. YES my friends, I am an of THOSE. We're very proud Aggies around here! Not the annoying kind in any way, but still very proud that we attended and worked hard at Texas A&M. My Aggie blood line is a long one, which I am immensely proud of!

6.) Ever since I was super little I wanted to be an attorney, but not just any attorney - the BEST (like my Dad). Everything I did in high school and halfway through college was to prepare me for law school...Teen Court, Teen Council, Mock Trial, and so forth. BUT about midway through college, I realized God had a different plan for my life. Thank goodness He always has a plan, right? I realized my creative talents would have no outlet if I continued down that path and I wouldn't be happy. SO event design it became and I am so very glad...

7.) Although I love sleep, I can function pretty darn well on very little of it (even uncaffeinated). In high school my extracurricular activities list was LONG and I was up late many nights and up early many mornings. This continued tenfold in college because I was a huge nerd and was always studying. Yes, I love studying and test taking and find it quite fun. I'm a dork. Anyway, this functioning on little sleep certainly comes in handy as my 24/7 job as a Mommy now, so I'm glad I haven't lost it! I think I just have really high adrenaline and that's what keeps me going, especially during high exciting times like major events and happenings (new babies, tests, big parties/events, etc.).

8.) In the 4th grade, I wore these massive super cool red glasses...NOT because I needed them as my eyesight was great back then, BUT because they were amazingly cool. I wore them as a fashion statement and rocked the heck out of them! :)

9.) I'm a workout fanatic...seriously. It's a big passion of mine! I'm not addicted, but it's something I HAVE to do to make my day complete. Otherwise, I'm not happy and don't feel good about myself. Wait, hold the phone...maybe that is an addiction. Really, I'm just a health nut. OH and I have to do yoga every morning as it helps center and get me ready for the day.

10.) One time we belonged to this massive gym and I was talking to my Love as we were getting on treadmills. Well, I didn't realize that someone had left the treadmill ON and I completely tripped and fell on top of was hilarious! Good times. Thank goodness I didn't break or hurt anything. Actually, another small tidbit is that I've never had a broken bone!

I had these other two scribbled down so I might as well share them as well...

11.) I used to be a movie buff...I was heavily involved in theater in high school and college and WAY into movies. I saw probably any "good" movie (thanks Dad and my Love!) that came out and took pride in the dissecting and critiquing of the acting, directing, writing, and so forth. Again, a big nerd. Along with that, I was a major fan of the Oscars. My Mom always made it a fun ordeal when I was younger to watch them together. Anyway, I started to write this "Predictions" email every year with who I thought would win and why, and who/what REALLY should win and why...with lots of stupid commentary thrown in there. Funny, I know...Stupid, I know...but I think some people enjoyed it. Well I stopped somewhere in there during college and now I couldn't tell you who was nominated and haven't seen or maybe even heard of most of the movies. :) Funny how your priorites change, isn't it?

12.) My middle, ring, and baby fingers are pretty weird. They look "normal" but I have really poor control of them. Like ask me to do the "I love you" sign and it's hard for me to get those three fingers to cooperate. Isn't that strange? OH I have I HAVE to brush my teeth twice at night and floss in between! I'm pretty weird.

Alright, that is some pretty honest and revealing stuff (and I did 12!!). NOW you all know many things about me that the vast majority of you did not know before! Hope you enjoyed that Jashley and Emily. :) Now my friends, I tag any and all of you with neither. Up to you, but it WAS pretty fun to do. :)

Let's all have a wonderful week!!!


Jashley and Grant said...

I know, we were such cute models for Espirit! But, when did you perform on stage in Italy? You are going to have to tell me this story! I pretty much knew all of these except for what I commented on above! You are a cool dork, I mean that in a good way! I always looked up to you!

Thimbleina said...

Wow you have been a pretty person in your life.

The Rozell Family said...

yeah, i loved reading this and glad you participated in the "tag" games! i also was tagged for the "honest" one but havent done it yet!!! I cant think of what to write!!! today is SO cold. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea all day! rev is napping, off to do yoga!

Jashley and Grant said...

You need to check out Abby's blog. She tagged your blog!

Maria Rose said...

Yeah I have to say I am really impressed by the Espirit modeling.