Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our weekend trip

We're back from our little weekend trip and had such a blast! We went to Glen Rose after some quick antiquing in Granbury, where I found some adorable vintage children's books. It was alot of fun to have my siblings (with spouses, kids, girlfriends, etc.) all there at some point during the weekend! We were all there on Saturday, which was a fun-filled active day.

The accommodations ended up being pretty disappointing but the surroundings sure were pretty! I love rivers and we spent much of Saturday in the Paluxy which was really enjoyable (except where the water was uber warm). There was hiking, picnicking, dinousaur track finding, lounging by the river, and yes, much swimming!

It was so wonderful to be outside most of the weekend, even if it was pretty darn hot. We all took turns cooking delicious meals and we ended Saturday with a too-dark game of ultimate frisbee. Such SUCH fun! Lovebug LOVED being around her cousins and aunts/uncles. She is so blessed to have such wonderful ones!

After we arrived home and unpacked, we took a long (really long) family nap on our bed. We were TIRED!! Then we capped the weekend off with a late family dinner of leftover biscuits, cashew gravy, tempeh, breakfast potatoes, and fruit. Breakfast for dinner is always a fun treat, don't you think?! We laughed and talked about our favorite parts of the trip. Then we cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and all quickly fell asleep again in our bed...

The end. :)


Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had a perfectly delightful vacation. I've only been to Texas once and it was in El Paso (which, from what I've heard, is *not* one of the best or prettiest parts of the state). ;)


happy owl erin said...

ohhh, wonderful!

Maria Rose said...

What a lovely little adventure!

Joslyn said...

looks like a totally fantastic time!